Schoolbinder is a suite of learning mangement tools for k-12 classroom.

Designed for students, teachers, parents, and schools to communicate more effectively and to keep track of classes, tests, assignments, grades, notes, and everything else!

What is Schoolbinder?

Schoolbinder is a free powerful online organizer for teachers and students to keep track of their courses; from managing grades, assignments, and events to sharing files, class notes, and class discussions. Communicate more effectively with your students, and keep track of your assignments, events, and grades!

In most elementary and high schools (and even some college classes), there's very little online communication between students and their teachers. Assignments are often written down and forgotten, handouts and documents are printed and rarely accessible online, and students rarely, if ever, ask for or receive class help from each other in a collaborative way online.

Enter Schoolbinder.

As a teacher, you can create a class website in seconds and easily share assignments, events, and everything else with your students. Even more, you can manage all of these classes in one intuitive interface. You can post news and announcements that your students can check anywhere or send messages to one or every student in your classes.

As a student, you can set email or text message reminders for your assignments or anything you want to remember. You can quickly add task lists and visualize what assignments or items need to be finished. You can ask for help or share ideas in threaded, media-rich discussions. You can even check everything on the go with Schoolbinder mobile applications for your iPhone or Android-powered device!

Schoolbinder wants to make it easier for you to organize your classes, whether you're a teacher or a student, with a single, powerful, and easy-to-use web application.